Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chalkboard Paint Project in the Classroom

I had one portion of the wall in my classroom that was too high to reach and use on a regular basis. I couldn't post student work or anchor charts without getting out the big ladder. Other teachers in my building painted this space in different colors and with chalkboard paint, so I decided to give it a try. I picked up some Rust-oleum chalkboard paint and searched for some of my favorite quotes to write on this space.
This is my wall space before painting. Plain and boring!

I have the best mom and sister who come help me set up my classroom every year. They helped me buy the supplies and paint the wall.
The paint can be purchased on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or home improvement store.
Click here to buy.

Supplies: Rust-oleum Chalk Board Paint, paintbrush, paint tray, paint roller

My sister and I painted two coats in just a couple of hours. Together, we finished quickly. 
After two coats of paint, we were done. I love the solid opaque black finish. 

Next was the hard part, deciding on the perfect inspirational quotes to write on the wall. I collected quotes on Pinterest and in my Evernote Notebook. Here's a link to my Pinterest "Quotes I Love" board. I included quotes from Dr. Seuss, Winnie the Pooh, Maya Angelou, Michael Jordan, Shel Silverstein, and the "Wizard of Oz". My teacher area faces this wall, so I love looking up at my favorite quotes. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by the everyday stress of being a teacher, these quotes lift my spirits. This was the perfect project for "dead" space in my classroom. Start searching for some quotes and give this project a try.

Here's the Finished Project!


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