Saturday, December 6, 2014

Olive the Other Reindeer Reader's Theater

I searched all over the Pinterest, TPT, and Google to find a Reader's Theater Script for "Olive the Other Reindeer" by Vivian Walsh and J.Otto Seibold. I couldn't find one, so I created my own version. Check it out on my TPT. This holiday book makes a perfect Reader's Theater. The script is for 8-10 parts. Of course, parts can be combined for fewer parts. The script is 3 pages in length. The text level is created for 1st-3rd grades. However, 4th and 5th graders would enjoy performing it as well. Add some adorable props like reindeer antlers and a Santa beard. Your students will LOVE performing this Reader's Theater.  And Don't forget to play "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"!

Olive, the Other Reindeer Reader's Theater

You Must Follow This Literacy Blog!

I follow a lot of blogs for ideas, materials, and inspiration. However, there is one blog that I subscribe to for researched based information on literacy. While I'm always searching for ways to engage my students, I'm also searching for research-based ways to increase student achievement. His content is up-to-date, references common core, and full of advice on teaching reading.

The blog is called "Shanahan on Literacy" by Timothy Shanahan. His research emphasizes reading-writing relationships, reading assessment, and improving reading achievement. He is past president of the International Reading Association. In 2006, he received a presidential appointment to serve on the Advisory Board of the National Institute for Literacy. He was inducted to the Reading Hall of Fame in 2007. He is a former first-grade teacher.

Some recent blog posts are: "What is the Proper Sequence to Teach Reading Skills", "Planning for Close Reading", and "To Teach Comprehension Strategies or Not to Teach Them". If you are a reading teacher of phonics and/or comprehension in any grade level, I urge you to follow this blog!

 Shanahan On Literacy Blog

Group Maker Apps

In my classroom, we do a lot of group work. My students don't have desks. They sit at large rectangular tables with chair pockets. This forms a natural group of 4 or 5 students. The usual way I create partners is by saying "your shoulder partner" (next to you)  or "your face partner" (across from you). Now sometimes,  students get tired of having the same partner/group or  TOO comfortable (super talkative or off task). To shake things up, I've used these two Group Maker apps. The first one is a free online website tool called "Instant Classroom" from Super Teacher Tools. All you have to do is sign up with your email.

 Instant Classroom

The second app, I use on my iPhone called "Team Shake". I like using this one because I'm able to access it quickly. It's not free, but it's worth the 99 cents! It's easy to use, and I can email myself the groups or take a screen shot.
 Team Shake

 Team Shake

So check out these apps the next time you form your groups. Let me know which one you like best!